6.1: What I’m excited about

6.1 was deployed on servers last night and after reading the patch notes this morning, I am excited to log in to the game and try out new things.

In true Mon fashion, I am considering doing something I haven’t done seriously since Wrath and that is heal as a Paladin. Why? Because. That’s why. I think I’ll stick it out with my Mage for now, however it’s time for my opinion on the new features and patch changes.

Official Patch Notes originally posted by WoWHead from Blizzard.

Twitter Integration (Guide)
  • Characters can now send Tweets for items, achievements, and screenshots from within the game client using the /share command.
  • To activate this feature, visit Social options in the Interface menu to enable, add, or disconnect a Twitter account.

This makes me so happy! I do however wonder what and how it works as I am yet to have a play with the features myself, but I am looking forward to being able to post as it happens – usually I access twitter on my laptop while gaming on the PC so if I am doing a lot of stuff, there are days that go by without any social interaction.

  • Mage
    • Talents

      • Alter Time now has a 1-minute cooldown (down from 1.5 minutes).
      • Comet Storm (Frost) damage has increased by 94% but deals 33.3% less damage in PvP combat.
      • Evanesce should now provide protection against many more effects, and function more consistently.
      • Ice Nova (Frost) now roots the target instead of stunning them, but the root is no longer affected by diminishing returns.
      • Mirror Image copies of Frost Mages now deal 15% less damage with Frostbolt.

I am now specced as Arcane to give that a whirl, but I am unsure – she looks pretty in her transmog though!


So, Monk. This looks promising, especially heals, but I am unsure about some of the other changes that had been displayed below these notes (for actual spells rather than talents and glyphs).

Paladins are interesting… I am unsure how this will be received or how the healing will go. I will need to speak to my chief stats person who will explain things a bit better for me as he knows Ret MUCH better than I do, however as I said previously, I am really interested in Holy again. I came from an expansion where I tank healed primarily because my raid healing with just spamming of heals rather than AoE effects, and while these are available now in some form or another for HPal, I’ve been told the healing feel is similar to that of Wrath. Perhaps it’s nostalgia or perhaps I want to get back into healing (because apparently having a MW Monk or several other classes with heal offspecs isn’t enough, nope.) Then again, my Pally I have on Dath is Ret, and if I wanted to go Holy, why not go it on my original Pally and keep Ade as Ret. Teia is and has always been a Holy Paladin, so perhaps that’s what I should level next?! I have got transmog on her ;)

  • Priest

    • Talents

      • Auspicious Spirits (Shadow) no longer cause Shadowy Apparitions to not deal damage. Instead, it now increases Shadowy Apparition damage by 100% in addition to still granting 1 Shadow Orb.
      • Cascade may now hit the same target twice. This results in an increase to total healing, so its healing has been reduced by 35% to compensate (the total healing in a 20-player raid will be slightly higher than before).
      • Clarity of Purpose‘s (Holy) healing has increased by 20%.
      • Divine Star (Shadow) damage increased by 20%.
      • Halo now displays an indicator on the ground to make it easier for the casting Priest see where the ability is most effective. Additionally, Halo’s visual effect has been synchronized so a character will receive the effect when the nova intersects with them.
      • Insanity (Shadow) now also affects Mind Sear.
      • Mindbender lasts for 20 seconds (up from 15 seconds).
      • Psychic Scream now has a 30-second cooldown (down from 45 seconds).
      • Saving Grace‘s (Discipline, Holy) healing has increased by 50%, but now reduces future healing dealt by 15% (up from 10%). Additionally, the talent is now instant-cast, but its effectiveness is reduced while in PvP combat.
      • Surge of Darkness now has a 12% chance to trigger (up from 10%).
      • Void Entropy (Shadow) damage increased by 80%.
      • Void Tendrils‘ health has increased by 30%.


Priests, especially Shadow are looking DELICIOUS. Oh my Shadow Word. I had started leveling my Priest for something to do but holy smokes they look interesting.


OK. Big copy and paste, but above are changes for the classes I posted above. As you may or may not know, I love my alts. I have enough to keep me busy with nothing to do (by nothing I mean myself, not that there isn’t anything to do) so I posted those that have special meaning to me or I have played most regularly with the exception of my Lock.

Mage: This information makes me want to try Fire, and also because I haven’t ever played Fire on my Mage (with the exception of VERY BADLY on Professor Putricide back in Wrath).

Monk: Mana Tea change looks very interesting and I’d like to check it out in action, especially as I do PVP on her – I want to see how well it works in that environment.

Paladin: The healing information is interesting, and again makes me want to try it out.

Priest: Nothing much changes my opinion on Shadow with this change, other than the obvious – you have less damage reduction with your shield. Obviously the shield was working a little too well.

  • Cooking

    • New cooking recipes have been added for food that gives 125 bonus to a stat.
  • Fishing

    • Fishing vendors on Draenor now sell a consumable item that enables automatic filleting of fish caught in Draenor.
    • Fish caught in Draenor can now be filleted without requiring a set stack number (20 for small, 10 for normal, 5 for enormous fish) while larger fish will still award more resources.
    • Different sizes of Savage Piranha have been consolidated into Savage Piranha and can be consumed directly for the transformation effect.
    • Players can now always catch enormous fish from pools, regardless of skill.
    • Fish that have already been caught can be converted to the appropriate amount of flesh.
    • Draenor fishing bait now lasts for 10 minutes (up from 5 minutes) to match the duration of fishing lures.

Someone please oh please level my cooking and fishing on my Mage.. or my cooking on Teia my HPal… Ok enough drama, I can easily do this myself but I don’t wanna…. but it’s now worth my while. Oh dear.

  • New Colorblind Options

    • Players can now access a new suite of colorblind filter options under Accessibility settings in the Interface menu.
  • New Death Recap Screen

    • When a character is killed, a new screen now shows more information on what killed you.
  • Premade Group leaders can now automatically accept applicants via a new “Auto Accept” checkbox after the group has been listed.
  • Improved the ordering for categories in the currency tab.
  • Players now receive a banner notification after defeating a dungeon, raid, or world boss in Warlords of Draenor or Mists of Pandria.
  • Loot eligibility lockouts for Draenor world bosses (Drov the Ruiner, Tarlna the Ageless, and Rukhmar) are now tracked in Raid Info under the Raid tab.
  • Popup notifications such as those for completing an achievement or receiving a reward after a Battleground match can now be dismissed by right-clicking on it.
  • Added an “Ignore this bag” option to Profession bags for bag clean up.
  • All multi-page windows now support mousewheel scrolling.


I’ll just leave these here… I am looking forward to all of these!

Also, I can’t wait to start the missions to work towards my S.E.L.F.I.E camera. I might actually do my missions… since I am super bad at my crafting and missions right now, it’s no wonder I am falling behind etc.

See you in game!


What do I want to do?

I’ve recently gotten to the stage (yet again) where I am unsure what I want to be doing with WoW. I love the game, and I don’t want to stop playing, but other than hunting for mounts and pets, or some nice transmog, I am kind of playing this new game I like to call run around your Garrison.

Don’t get me wrong – there is A LOT of content that I am yet to have explored but sadly I am pretty rigid with my WoW time and raiding doesn’t get a vote in my experiences currently. I can do LFR and I should probably do some more of that, but otherwise it’s the same old for me.

Whether 6.1 and the magical selfie camera will help me (I’ll be taking selfies all the time, ‘This is my mate, Illidan.’) who will know yet?

I think I am set for my Mage to be my new main this xpac. It was all set to be my Paladin on Dath, but I haven’t played her in ages and I feel so bad because I actually went out and applied for a nice guild I could be a social in and have been anything but. Moreso because I have been spending more time in my original guild so haven’t logged across to my Paladin other than to steal gold from her :P

I am also playing my Priest and Shaman to level them up – we all know I’ll just continue to level my alts until they’re all 100 or close to it, however I don’t even feel the motivation to do that! It’s funny how for the past few xpacs we have leveled only 5 levels and now it’s 10 again and I am less motivated even though there are more zones and things to do.

I actually had a very nostalgic experience the other day when running Ulduar multiple times with Tem trying to get Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare. We did it wrong like 4 or 5 times before realising our mistake and calling it a week… until Wednesday or whenever we can try to do it again! Luckily I love Ulduar gear, and we both want Mimi’s head so we can try 25 man once I get my 10 man achieve for my rusted proto (I know, for someone who raided Wrath I didn’t do a good job with getting mounts..) :D

I also love going into ICC. Wrath was the xpac I did my main raiding, doing progression – maybe not at the speed of other people, but we got things done. Granted in my past raiding history we did as well, but we were all reasonably fresh and new to raiding so it was more fun raiding rather than let’s get really good gear and try for a harder raid raiding.

I guess I will have to just try new things, LFR maybe!

Patch 6.getmybuttintogear

Hi guys

Patch 6.1 is not far away now, but unfortunately I am no where near through the content currently available for 6.0 or what came in the xpac.

I have an idea who I am going to main, but don’t know whether I want to pve, pvp or just work on achievements. I am so undecided it’s driving me crazy.

I think I will be playing my mage – not that I can play one well – and currently am working on my achievement and mount for all the seasonal holidays. I need to get all of the achievements for honouring the elders which will also give me the 50 coins achievement too and then I’ll have that achievement done which will leave me until Christmas free. Surprised I haven’t bothered with it until now, but luckily most of my titles and achievements were done back in Wrath.

As for IRL I am having a bit of a chill out in regards to working out and studying. Working out has been put on hold due to the issue with my neck which WILL NOT GO AWAY. Get it put back into alignment and it comes straight back out a few days later. Have had chiro and physio work on it and don’t get me wrong, they do a good job, it’s just me that is broken. Some days are better than others, and since it isn’t technically my neck, but the area that connects the cervical vertebrae to the thoracic vertebrae (the T1, which is thoracic but is smaller like the cervical, as well as the inferior articular process which is related to the area but I forget what my chiro explained to me :P) so I can try and stretch but it’s not as simple as just cracking your neck from movement.. which I know isn’t the best thing but I just wish I could do something to pop it back in because sleep is horrid waking several times a night to readjust my head so that the pain stops and I can fall back asleep. Special pillows, normal pillow, no pillow… all work the exact same right now. Today was the first day in a week that I needed to take strong painkillers and it’s not even dulled the pain – today is going to be fun!

I am also looking at starting a craft project that I want to keep forever :P! I bought a distressed KaiserCraft frame to put a 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking layout into and have printed off pictures to make a layout from. It has been like 2 years since I have done a page rather than cards or work on my Project Life album. Not that I have been giving much time to craft right now, but it’s been a while since I have looked at something and went “Oh wow, I know what I can do with this!” which is quite exciting. I will hang it up in a place of pride when it is done. I probably won’t show a picture of it unless I blur out the images I am using, but will give it some thought :)

As for other games I have been playing, most of you know that WoW or Blizzard Games are really my main options as I am big on PC gaming, however recently I have been playing Persona 4 Golden. I am getting up to a part where I need to save people – and if they die the game ends. Don’t do that to me! I better get the person out alive because I don’t want it to end.. I like to play Pokémon Art Studio for crying out loud! Either way the humour is brilliant and the graphics are lovely. I realised that buying my Vita was a brilliant addition to my consoles I rarely play just because of JRPGs available. I can’t wait until I can play them all and see the fantastic work some of these games have, but first I must complete this. My mate has been giving me references about some girls being the best waifu and I haven’t even come across them in game yet. Like everything though I like to spoil some things for myself so I have read up information on wiki profiles just to see what makes them the best waifu out.


I’ll leave my post here for today as my brain can’t think anymore!

Make up your mind!

Hey guys..

Yep, back to WordPress, this time going where I should have before – to the .org version. I am not sure if I’ll be able to migrate anything over, I know that my hosting provider had the option but that it didn’t work for .com :(

My head is in a blur right now, I just don’t know what to think or do regarding the blog. More so getting this back to where my other one was settings wise etc, but holy cow it is confusing me to tears (or maybe it’s just my current mood) haha!

Anyways, this is just a post to get rid of the boring other post. I promise I’ll work on everything <3

Adventures of a Mistweaver

Hi guys

My little Monk just got to 100 the other night, but now I am stuck!
I want to go Mistweaver, however I am not comfortable with going into dungeons by myself so will need to try and convince guildies to do some normals with me..

I would be comfortable going into raids, and I want to do pvp but ugh, if I want to grind stuff it’s back into Brewmaster yet again because it is the ONLY way I can kill things – I can’t play Windwalker for crap, lol.

So what have I learnt so far?

  • I can’t play Windwalker well, and Fistweaving gets me absolutely no where. I leveled completely as Brewmaster, and it was awesome.
  • Don’t get to 100 and then go to kill mobs for gear and fun items while still in Mistweaver spec, you’re gonna have a bad time!
  • Remember that I have limited healing gear, so unless I want to tank I should probably work on that.
  • Miss Volene’s armory link

This is only reasonably short because Brewmaster made it incredibly easy for me to get to 100. I could kill stuff reasonably fast and survivability is FANTASTIC!

To everyone in all of my social medias, have a very very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
If you don’t celebrate the holiday, spend some time with loved ones and tell them you love them, just because, and if you get the time play some WoW and visit Father Winter. I am sure he’d love to give you your millionth robot or remote control tank!

Mon x

I’m back!

Hey guys

It’s nearly been a month since I last posted, but unfortunately I got busy with real world stuff.
My boyfriend came to stay for 2 weeks and so we went to the zoo and just hung out, played some WoW, went to dinner and stuff :)
He went back to NZ for Christmas and to prepare for Uni next year on Saturday night. Cue the crying, puffy eyes and tissues – most of them after he’d gone into the departures lounge and I’d gotten back to the accommodation.

On my holiday I bought some nice new things which I have been either eager to try or just something new to do. I got Pokémon Art Academy which is pretty fun and cute, but then again I like arty sort of things and add in Pokémon and I’m set! I also bought the battle chest for Warcraft III as I really wanted to explore the lore of the Warcraft land – other than stuff I’ve read on wiki or picked up on WoW, I am pretty lore limited. Even though I didn’t d too badly in WoW Trivial Pursuit with lore questions, I certainly want to be able to learn more.
I also bought Fantasy Life which is super cute. I am just starting and my girl is a mercenary. Will see how things go and how the different ‘life’s’ are. I also bought the normal Art Academy to try out, but yet to play! On the Vita I bought Borderlands2 and my god is that a trial and a half to get used to the viewing with out stick and moving with the other.. and the things still run and attack while you need to aim and shoot – I died a few times within the first 10 minutes haha. I also got the new Jak and Daxter game, so will check that out too. So many games!! I also bought some new movies, TV series (Dexter) which I have been meaning to start watching and we consumed a lot of junk food.

Now I have 2 days left off, this one is relaxing and tomorrow is a visit to the chiro before back to work on Friday. Luckily there isn’t much work time left before Christmas and another break!

I am working out what I am going to buy myself in the new year. A new iPod perhaps? A new phone is likely to be a definite. A PS4? Dunno. I will need to save as well as paying bills etc for my trip to NZ too. Oh and lose a bit of weight is also on the cards as well.

PS. Also signed back up to BellaBox and LootCrate. Hooray presents for me every month!

I have been busy playing on my pally as well lately however I am also leveling my hunter…. until I decided to try out my shaman. Not that I have given up on my hunter I am just in a state of blah.. again. I think I need a break lol.

I am hoping to post again, but if things get busy, I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year! I am always somewhat alive on facebook and twitter, so you can catch me there :)

Mon x

It’s finally here!


Hey guys,

It’s the due date! I am about to become….

A WoD Conquerer, and never be a slave unlike the Iron Horde who uttered those words not that long ago in the cinematic I just watched for the 100000000 time. I am also not a funny green orc!

Tehehe. Anyway.

Today is a bit iffy for me so far. My day has consisted of head down into my work and proceed to get a headache. Soooo, inc glasses. Plus it’s been raining. Now I love rain, but WTH. 40 degree (celcius) days and then rain and I need to wear my work cardigan, like what is with you weather?!

I am excited for WoD which starts at 4pm my time – I headed into work early to ensure I could leave a little earlier to feed animals and have a shower before I get to find one of the many Khadgar’s around Azeroth. Yes, Khadgar has undergone an experiment and he is suddenly in many places… time traveling whaaaaaaaa!

I could easily curl up and sleep, and my eyes are playing funny buggars on me – they just aren’t focussing really well.. I might need to just have a check up at the Optometrist to ensure that they haven’t decided to try and start packing it in.

I am also freezing right now, and for me that is seriously saying something as I usually love the cold and hate Summer but haha, jokes on me today.

I drew a little Gorehowl on some scribble paper with a message, which I may get up here or maybe on twitter /shrug.

Either way I am tired, and got stuff to do, so see you in game!

Mon x

BlizzCon, Concerts and my poor phone!


Man what a heck of a ride it’s been!

It has been a whole year since Warlords of Draenor was announced and I got up at stupid o’clock to see the announcements. Unfortnately this year I was unable to get up early just to see the panels and opening ceremony because I was at Katy Perry on the Friday night and Saturday morning at like 3am is when BlizzCon starts.

I had a great time at Katy Perry! Below are a few photos I took, and she did not stop! Well, maybe for costume changes, but that was about it. Definitely one of the better concerts I have been to.

As for BlizzCon I am so excited for what we have coming in store for us very soon!
Overwatch looks freaking awesome and this is coming from someone who does not play FPS games. I will certainly be giving this a go!
The characters are so exciting and once again Blizzard have given us strong characters (of both genders) to play or play against. Tracer is definitely one who I think would be awesome to play as – as well as cosplay as. Who knows. If I get into OW and end up getting to BlizzCon one of these years, I may just cosplay as her! Mercy is also cool looking but I am more of a go in guns blazing kind of person when I’ve played my very limited FPS games.

I also watched the semi and finals of StarCraft2 and man those guys are seriously insane. I don’t get the game because I hadn’t really been introduced to it, but I really want to get into that and check that out too.

Also, how great were Metallica?! Blizzard are going to have to try hard to beat them next year, seriously.

As for the title, my poor phone went for a splash today. Nothing too serious and it still works….. but I spilt my tea all over my desk and onto my phone. I got really worried because I have almost paid off my credit card and I didn’t want to try and get myself a new phone and still owe the bank more money than I do with my car and home loan lol.

I am taking steps into getting more involved socially! I have semi sorted out my youtube channel, just need to work on some art, facebook and twitter are updated and all good, g+ is semi done and I have a vine now. Check out my cute little vine video of my murloc while ETC are singing :D
You can find me as MonPlaysWoW just give it a search :)

That’s about it for now, I just wanted to blog and get my thoughts out. I intend on getting some art done, and thankfully with Overwatch I have something I can draw or attempt to anyway!

Mon x

In a years time

Hey guys
It dawned on me earlier today that in a years time I will have been doing some kind of gaming for 20 years. That to me is just insane because it makes me sound like I have had like a huge experience in gaming – like job amount of experience, but not haha.
I started gaming at around six, hear me out, we had Commander Keen on MS DOS and Wolfenstein. Granted Wolfenstein may not be your usual choice for a child to play, but I remember playing it with my Dad. Commander Keen however was something I loved to play myself – as long as Mum got into it for me because I didn’t understand operating systems back then… heck even sometimes Windows freaks me out when it comes up with an error I have never seen before.
Moving on in years I would have little Tetris games and a soccer game, but I didn’t have the usual platforms everyone else had. My best friend had a Super Nintendo and then got a N64 – I didn’t have anything like that so going over to her house to play Donkey Kong was really fun. Then later on she got a PlayStation and we would play Tony Hawk on it, can’t remember the game but heck that was fun skateboarding – mainly because we both sucked at anything like that IRL.
I was always more of an online gamer or into virtual worlds. The Sims was one of my favourites, and my Aunty bought me a collection of Sim games… SimSafari was the best thing EVER. I really wish I could find that game again, but compatibility and all that jazz I don’t think I could be bothered to try and get it working.
I then moved into online communities. Starting at about 9 or 10ish I think, I got into Neopets. It could have been a little later, but it was the time when you could still sometimes get a limited supply of Poogles.. I KNOW. I spent a good portion of my preteens there before going onto Habbo Hotel. That was about 13 or 14, and around the time I turned 16 the Australian version was available. I met some great people around that time, some I still talk to, or have on facebook!
One of those friends got me into RuneScape and I got to like 76. I farmed flax like a mad woman to get myself a Dragon Scimitar, and worked hard towards Dragon Hide(?) armour. Around this time I had met a new person IRL who recommended WoW.
At the time, I was like LOL no way, WoW is for noobs…… Ha, yeah I’d never played the game or knew anything about it.. but he insisted it was so awesome and he said he wouldn’t ever play RuneScape after playing WoW.
So as I always do I went out and bought both Vanilla and BC. That’s when my love began for WoW. I was like OMG pixels, OMG Mana Wyrms, OMG I’m dying!
I guess part of that problem was I was levelling my very first toon as a HOLY Priest. Yeahhhhh…
I went Shadow quickly at level 10 and didn’t turn back! This was around June 2007 and not long after I also bought myself an XBox360. Now I’d bought a PS2 just to try a Final Fantasy game out, but after playing and kicking ass playing Soul Calibur 4 I just knew I had to get it.
Unfortunately, other than buying a Kinect later on, I haven’t really used it much. I also bought a DSLite, then some other kind of DS and now has a 3DS. I have also just recently bought myself a Vita. I guess you can say I like new shinies.
Since 2007 I haven’t stopped playing WoW – I may have taken a short break trying out the new games like Aion and Rift, but I never unsubbed to WoW or could ever give it up.
Now I have at least 8 legitimately levelled 90s and a few booster (such as my Horde) toons to play on, have some raid experience but not much, but have made some great friends however quite a few don’t play WoW anymore or not as frequently because life for everyone has carried on.
Did I see myself heading towards a love of gaming? Or becoming a little bit geek chic with my love of all things interwebz encompassing? From teenagerland I could see myself enjoying manga and anime, but did I ever think that I would be almost finished my first anime love with Naruto ending soon in manga?
Nope. I also didn’t in a million years think I could find someone to spend my life with either, but these things happen and WoW has done it for quite a few people other than myself.
So next year is not only my 20th anniversary of gaming in my eyes, but will also be the time I am going to be doing a few things. I plan on doing something involving youtube, but just unsure what it is yet. I will also be carrying on with my getting healthier plan that I am trying to stick to… I can’t let my brain overrule my heart and ruin my progress when I haven’t had a result I *thought* I should have gotten.
I will do it!
So I leave you with this song which just makes me so happy… and I also like to PvP to it and smack some faces in. :D
Mon x

Flaming fiery rings!

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to show you my awesome wings!
To get them, go to Darkmoon Faire and do the quest to fly with blazing wings! You have to go through 50 rings in a single flight – make sure you don’t take too long getting to a ring as you will lose your flying buff! :)

It took me 3 times because I thought I had gotten the right achievement and realised that I didn’t have the right one – I had only gotten 25, darnit! :P

I am so glad I got these and I can use them on any toon! :D

Also, don’t mind my transmog it’s not complete haha.

Mon x

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